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About Zuzz and Friends

Our Stories And Purpose

Zuzz has many friends and has many adventures and stories to tell.

But we have a purpose, bees are  an important part of our food chain and we need to look after them. 

Learn More About Why You Need to Save Bees

Our Stories Are In Books!

You can read about our stories in the many books we have available for you to read.

Books now available on this site and Amazon.

Printed Books Now AVAILABLE

Zuzz becomes real!

NOW AVAILABLE!  We will bring to Life Zuzz from the Hayfever Printed Book as an Augmented Reality Character. Take pictures with the kids with your Favorite Bee!

Requires Android App or Apple App, Hayfever printed  book and/or Zuzz T shirt. Works with select phones and ipads only (see the zuzz store for details).

Android app is available in the Google Play Store for free for a limited time. Apple release tbc.

Also available today are T shirts where Zuzz will fly off the shirt!  See the  picture above.

Our Books


Poor Zuzz has lost his buzz with a hayfever.

The printed book will launch Zuzz as a real character in augmented reality with an app (available in May) . The e-book does not support bringing Zuzz to life.

Printed book now available here in the shop.  

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The Little Fat Bee

Too much honey? Oh No Thats Funny!

Printed Book Now Available Here

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In The Garden

Those Buzzy Bees went everywhere in our Garden!

Printed Book Now Available Here 

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A Spotted Baby Bee

Oh Dear!  One of Zuzz best friends is all covered in spots! What does Queen Bee think of it all?

Printed Book Now Available Here

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Coming Soon

Don't be so sad. More books are coming soon.  Sign up for our email news and we will let you know as soon as they are complete.

About The Author

 Doreen is a proud mother of 3 children and has always loved arts and crafts, starting her business career with dolls. Now she brings her Zuzz and Friends to us to share all their adventures. 


I’m a 74 year old with an imagination bigger than my age! I have always loved stories and reading has always been a passion. Growing up watching Disney at the pictures, now that’s imagination! As Walt Disney said ‘if you can dream it, you can do it.’

I always say you’re never too old to dream - Now I hope I can make them come true...  


Zuzz comes to life - Augmented reality Video

Check out this great video of zuzz flying off the book. Have your kids take photos with Zuzz.  Requires the  Zuzz and Friends app (Android available now, iphone coming in July) and Hayfever book or t shirt.

Zuzz Blog

What people are saying on Facebook.

Anthony James Minnis

"These books are so beautifully thought out, with cute meaningful stories and fantastically colourful illustrations. They are the perfect bedtime story for any young child, but are also great for those children who are learning to read for themselves. I really can't praise the attention to detail that has gone into these books... I know they're going to become firm favourites with any child that are introduced to them"

Ceri Griffiths


"Brilliant little books, a delight to read with characters that will charm your little ones and introduce them to a wonderful imaginary world.

Simply golden, like honey itself."

Rebecca Rubens-Malam

" A superb range of unique books which Ruby loves. They’re the perfect short story for a calm relaxing bedtime. I imagine she’ll enjoy reading them herself as her literacy develops with the simple large font and engaging beautiful details in the illustrations" 

Learn About The Bees - Save FRIENDS OF ZUZZ


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